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Unpopular opinion: there is no bad food, even pizza

I completely understand that your thoughts are based on opinions and information from outside sources.

My blogs I often called "unpopular opinion" because my point of view is honest and different. I'm not trying to sell you supplements or pills. I'm trying to help you to be happy and healthy!

What you put into your body makes up your entire system. Don't be fooled by those who just want to promote something without the knowledge or ability to guide you to a better version of yourself. All foods fit! If you're restricting for weight loss, you're doing it wrong.

Persons who have specific health complications such as kidney failure may need a diet. Stop putting yourself on diets for no reason. You will develop an unhealthy relationship with food, life and your body.

All nutrients that we eat e.g. carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals are necessary for life! We need it to survive. All foods can be included. You just need to learn! Learn how to include it in a safe way.

Only personalized advice works. This is what I focus on. This means you only include what you enjoy. Pizza is not a bad food. You can make choices to make it low fat, OR add in more colours to include a variety of nutrients OR switch the other meals to balance your day!

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