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3 WAYS to reduce stomach acid and aid with acid reflux.

Acid reflux isn't something to play with. It can definitely degrade your quality of life. Trying these health tips can assist you with reducing your stomach acid:

1) Reduce acidic foods or any triggers

2) Sit up when eating

3) Eat slower

If you keep consuming your triggers and acidic foods, it can impact your health negatively. When your acid is too severe for your body to handle, it can lead to stomach ulcers. Listening to your body is key. If pepper sauce is a trigger, reduce and limit it.

Eating slowly has so many benefits. When you learn how to chew slowly, you assist your digestive health. Instead of forcing a large amount of food down your throat which can cause an upset feeling, it's more about allowing the process of digestion to occur at a healthy rate.

When your acid reflux is activated, staying elevated is important because the acid can come up your throat if you lie down. It's about the level of your acid and stomach.

Happiness and health is right around the corner!

I am here to help you to develop a healthy relationship with food! Why would you ever want to restrict and have an unhealthy relationship with food where you binge and do other harmful things to your body?

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