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Candida Khan,  known as ‘Didi, is truly an exemplary young woman with unparalleled determination and talent.


During her studies she worked in the public and private Health sectors of Trinidad. Her experience is vast and diverse, from corporate international health companies, to local research institutions. Her ultimate aim is to promote health and wellness to help reduce chronic diseases that plague our country.
She was awarded the Gestalt Woman Leader of 2022, the 2nd Place in the International Elevate Youth Academy 2020, the Health and Wellness Youth Awards for 2019 and was recognised as a Youth Influencer by the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs. She was also awared with the Certificate of Achievement in 2020 and continues to gain certificates in her field as she is a continuing education health care professional.


To help people make better choices supporting their health and wellbeing!


She has her own recipe books on called ’50 Guiltless Chocolate Recipes’; ‘Simple, Quick and Easy Recipes’; 'Didi's Motivational Booklet' and ‘Managing your Diabetes’.
She also began marketing her own healthy snacks and much more! Super nutritious and delicious treats and meals available.
She is generous; one of her charities involves a fruit and vegetable drive called ‘Didi’s Donations’ where she collects funds from donation boxes at locations around Trinidad and purchases produce from local farmers for needy families. She does this on her own for no personal gain.


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She remains altruistic and is still growing, her years of determination and hard work in the face of cyber bullying, financial difficulty and limited resources making her a resilient and unwavering individual, intent on changing the nutrition profile of T&T.
After a short term contract abroad, Didi is back and ready to use her expanded experience to continue to develop T&T. She is a positive influence on society.
She also promotes health and wellness through live posts and is a brand ambassador for businesses on her social media platforms.

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