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What happens when you ignore High Blood Pressure?

Any blood pressure value above 120/80 isn't ideal. Click below to order your blood pressure monitor:

If you continue to live with high blood pressure, your health will be negatively impacted. The major risks that can happen over the years are not limited to but include:

  • Harmful brain complications

  • Stroke

  • Kidney failure

  • heart attack

My clients learn how to develop a healthy relationship with food through lifestyle changes. This image below shows the result from a happy client. It can be done and is being done without pills, supplements and without restrictive diets.

Book a consult by clicking the image below:

One healthy lifestyle change that you can make towards managing your blood pressure is increasing herbal tea intake. Try chamomile tea. The impact is more positive when you drink it without milk or sugar. Try these chamomile flowers by clicking the link below:

Don't play with high blood pressure. It damages your body and can impact the quality of your life. Book a consult and learn how to balance to eat to achieve your health goals. Message 1-868-480-5380

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