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Travel tips to avoid weight gain

Travelled to Europe recently and there was no room for homecooked meals. The hotels that were affordable to stay in just had a bed and bathroom. Most rooms you had to request that a bathroom was given and not shared. Therefore, buying food out became a necessity.

When buying food out, it's important to understand that there is very little control over the ingredients and the way that it is prepared. Most of the food was actually super oily and it was a bit upsetting.

When travelling, these are some ways I avoided excessive weight gain. My weight probably fluctuated by a couple pounds.

  1. Choosing restaurants based on the menu and options available. There are so many different options based on the type of cuisine e.g. Indian, Chinese, Arabic and local restaurants. When choosing, the variety of foods that fall under the carbohydrates, proteins, fats and vegetables are the area of focus. The menu must have combinations that provide a balance of the macronutrients and also vegetables. Typically, what I noticed is that there are too much high carbohydrate options. Grilled, baked, steamed or fried foods still need balance and what I found was that you can only get that when you order a side of salad with your main meal.

  2. Sharing is your best bet at maintaining balance. Usually, food is thrown out if there are any left overs. I travelled with my best friend and we shared the meals to avoid much wastage and to help with our balance and combinations. I usually ordered the salad that came with some corn or bread and cheese and she ordered the main course e.g. pasta, pizza, roti with chicken, potato and red meat. Splitting the meals really helped with portion control.

  3. Focusing on timing played a very important role when it came to weight maintenance. The truth is that when you eat late, you're more likely to lack balance and fullness with a meal. Hunger makes you crave more.

My clients learn how to develop a healthy relationship with food through lifestyle changes. This image below shows the result from a happy client. Weight goals can be achieved and maintained without pills, supplements and restrictive diets. Be part of the lifestyle community.

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