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How it works?

STEP 1: Choose and book your consult
1. Virtual Nutrition Consultation
    > 10 minutes call
    > 20 minutes virtual meeting
    > discuss health goals
2. In-Person Nutrition Consultation
    > 15 minutes 
    > body composition assessment
    > discuss health goals

STEP 2: Choose your program
There are 3 main programs to choose from:
     > Bronze
     > Lifestyle
     > Premium  

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What does each program entail?

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Premium Program

This package includes a holistic approach to lifestyle changes! You will be engaging in individualised sessions entailing:

  • nutrition therapy sessions

    • the aim is to provide you with the meal plans, recipes and health advice with the nutrition therapy sessions.

  • healthy cooking session

    • this includes actual meal and snack preparations to repare nutritious and delicious, low calorie options ​

  • exercise session

    • this is where you and Didi would be exercising together​

  • a grocery shopping tour

    • this is more educational to help you to understand the nutrition facts label, mindful eating and to come up with a healthy grocery shopping list for you and your family.

All sessions are an hour long and are virtual.


Lifestyle Program

This involves 3 nutrition therapy sessions with Didi, MSc. RD. your Dietitian Nutritionist and lifestyle expert. Ths aim of these hour long virtual sessions are to:

  •  assess your dietary intake

  • identify areas where change is needed to assist you with your health goal through lifestyle changes! ​

  • provide you with a personalised meal plan, recipes, health advice and tips that are created to suit your individual needs based on your specific likes, dislikes, food preferences, allergies.


Bronze Program

This is a virtual 3 session per month program with Didi. Reach your health goals by learning how to better manage your unhealthy habits. These sessions are 30 minutes long with the focus on providing advice and specific lifestyle changes that you can maintain to achieve long term sustainable results.

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