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Unpopular opinion: Pills are a temporary solution

When it comes to results, persons want it fast and easy! Why not?!

The truth is, this is a HUGE RUSE. It is impossible! Nothing good comes easy and nothing of good quality is cheap! Investing in your health should always be your number 1 priority! Why? It's simple! Without health, you lost life.

Think about it. When you have high blood sugars, you inject insulin or take supplements to help at that point. You are not correcting the underlying issue which is nutrition and lifestyle based! Without correcting your nutrition, you will remain on supplements and your lifespan will be shortened drastically due to the side effects.

Complications that may occue:

1) An unhealthy relationship with food

2) Cravings

3) Withdrawal symptoms

4) Mental health disorders

5) Less cognitive function

6) Risk for organ failure and damage

If you want to stop the damage, book a consult and start your health journey!

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