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Unpopular opinion: You can work from home and be healthy and happy.

People tell you that you have to exercise to lose weight, yet I'm here working from home and maintaining my optimal weight without fluctuations. Why is that?

Definitely NOT because of genetics because I can easily gain weight just like any other! I used to be fat when I was younger and in secondary school I actually gained a little weight because of the environment and being bullied. I was completely depressed at that point and ate differently then I would usually because of comfort.

The truth is, since my educational background grew in nutrition and I was able to learn about the body and how to maintain a healthy body composition with lifestyle changes, there was no way that I could gain unhealthy body fat and reach a body composition I was not happy to be in.

I generally don't care about BMI or ideal body weight. Your healthy weight is the weight that you are most comfortable at, in my opinion. Nutrition is so much more powerful than you think. If you misbalance any meals, you will easily gain weight.

Learn how to reach your health goals with proper guidance! I'm here to empower you to take control of your health and life! Exercise is NOT necessary. Movement and physical activity is great. You can achieve a healthy body without exercise. I'll get you there with lifestyle changes.

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