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Unpopular opinion: you can eat fried chicken and still be healthy

If you keep thinking that all food is bad, you'll be stuck in an unhealthy mindset towards food.

Deep fried food every day without balance is never a good idea. If you oven fry or air fry, yes it's better but if you don't balance you're still not getting the healthy aspect correct.

Click below for an example of fried chicken assortment:

Making fried chicken from scratch without the batter is great! OR using a whole wheat flour as a lighter coating for the chicken can be a healthy alternative.

Click below for chicken breast ideas:

An air fryer is the best option, but take this one health tip when making fried chicken, adjust the combination and choose air fried wedges or potato with salad.

The easiest way to prepare this lovely meal is throw the chicken, potato and vegetables like broccoli, carrots, mushrooms and bell peppers in and cook altogether. Really simple and easy meal! Enjoy.

You have to learn to develop a healthy relationship with food to enjoy living!

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