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Unpopular opinion: getting optimal sleeping is a simple lifestyle change to add to your wellness.

Sleep is a vital part of life. We underestimate the importance because of our busy schedules! We're all trying to work to make a living to live and repeat it again. We're not really enjoying much life because after work, we try to watch movies and stay up to relax from doing something most of us don't enjoy. This then limits sleep. OR having children which in itself is a life long job. You don't get any breaks.

Babies, children and younger age groups need more sleep. This course I did really reminded me about sleep and it's relation to health. The body without sufficient sleep can lead to chronic diseases long term! This means that you are consistently lacking sleep.

Most care accidents can even be because of this. Next time you think of staying up or waking up early when you can sleep in, try to rest your body. Average hours needed for adults 7-8 hours sleep.

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