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Unpopular opinion: Every culture is different therefore no one diet is sustainable.

Let's dive a bit deeper into this heavy topic. I actually worked abroad and have international clients. General advice is not suitable based on the culture, location, preferences, situation financially and so many other factors!

If you are a Trinidadian and you live in Canada for example, yes you have personal preferences based on your likes e.g. curry or pelau dishes. You can always get ingredients that are available in the location to still enjoy the foods you like. Basically, people from different cultures will prefer and eat different foods. We prepare meals differently, have different eating habits. Being influenced by our ancestors is beautiful. It's just that we have to understand that not every "diet" or "healthy regime" is ever suitable. Why would you think that a restricted diet for a week or month would be good for your body when it's affecting your mood, energy and health so negatively? It can't be sustained long-term for a reason! It's only your thoughts that you're doing a trending "diet" that makes you feel included in a category of people in a sense. This may then make you feel like you're doing something good for your health, but you're not.

Think about it the next time you want to try something you googled or something created randomly. I just want you to develop a healthy relationship with food. Learn how to balance. Learn how to portion. Learn how to include more colours. Thinking so limited e.g. with a keto diet or southbeach diet only hurts your body and hurts your health long-term. Why put yourself through that?

The only lifestyle suitable for you is the one we create together that is in line with your health goals. Slow and steady wins the race.

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