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Unpopular opinion: eating what you enjoy leads to better fat burning abilities

Everyone has different preferences. The truth is that when you eat something you enjoy, you feel good! It lifts your mood and energy. This form of happiness can actually be more positively impactful on your health than you think. Your emotional health improves and further impacts every aspect of your life!

When your stress hormones are reduced, you allow your body to have a better chance of metabolizing body fat. Your body functions more effectively when you are happy. This is why I always say happiness and health goes hand in hand!

Eating what you enjoy is so positively impactful. Your mood impacts the way you interact with others which benefits not only you when you feel good, but helps with interactions also. When your stress hormones are reduced, you allow that fat burning process to occur. This can then have a positive impact on reducing chronic diseases.

You have to learn to develop a healthy relationship with food to enjoy living!

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