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Unpopular Opinion: Don't settle with pills.

I say this always, if you ate your way into it, you can eat your way out of it! I really mean that. All you have to do is learn about proper nutrition to reach your health goals!

Many times, it actually might be a more comfortable idea to think that you're in your illness and there is nothing that can be done because it gives you an excuse to stay there e.g. being overweight, with diabetes, high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol levels.

Pill popping is so common, but how can that be healthy? You are made up of nutrients. This is the basic of life. You can make a difference with your current situation, but you're not going to get long-term, sustainable results if you keep choosing to put a bandage on a large wound. Don't settle for less than you deserve! Gimmicks, restrictive diets and pills or supplements are not the solution to your health concerns. They are the small bandage that may help you temporarily, but has long lasting negative side effects.

I'm stamping my products now. It's all about creating something that adds to your wellness. What are you putting into your body. How is it impacting you long-term? Think about it and consider your options if you want a happy and healthy future. Don't be fooled. I'm here for you.

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