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Be honest: Do you think that adding oats or flaxseed to roti will significantly reduce blood sugars?

Oats are my favourite carbs. I love complex carbs, especially oats. Flaxseed powder and oats with sada roti helps to reduce sugar spikes, but it would never make your body overcome Diabetes on it's own.

When you understand food, you'll learn about what's in what you consume. The truth is that complex carbs have so many benefits. Blood sugars are affected by lifestyle factors such as lacking balance with meals, high sugar in meals or snacks, low dietary fibre in life, stress and illness, lacking sleep.

Nutrition is a massive part of Diabetes and blood sugar regulation. Every day, people are eating their way into and out of illness. Balance is key! Oats and flaxseed powder can help to reduce blood sugar spikes, but that's not the end all. Macronutrients can be inter-changeable in your body e.g. too much protein can turn into fats and sugars in the blood.

I help clients to eat to achieve their health goals:

Oats link:

Oats and flaxseed powder in sada roti makes it more complex compared to white flour. Flaxseed powder link for amazon:

Ready to learn how to include the foods you love without it adding to your illness?

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