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Be honest: Do you really think that restrictive dieting will lead to healthy weight loss?

Everyone at some point would have heard of restrictive diets and weight loss gimmicks. Most would have tried it. Does it last?

I recently had a chat with someone who cut out flour and sugars. She said she was struggling and I asked why are you doing this to yourself? It's honestly just the awareness that there is something better out there that can lead to sustainable weight loss with the concept that ALL FOODS FIT! This is where I come in.

Why would you think that cutting out cake would ever be a good idea. Restrictions can lead to the opposite of your desire. You can cause weight gain and uncontrollable cravings if you don't eat what you enjoy.

Click below to get your potion plate:

Balance is key! Ready to learn how to include the foods you love without it adding to your illness?

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