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Be honest: Do you really think that curry is unhealthy?

The truth is that I've been asked about curry so many times.

There are many different cooking methods that can make something healthy vs unhealthy. Of course the amount of oil that is added would create a high fat dish.

What I can advise is that you use minimal oil if any because usually if you're making curry chicken or any curry meat, it has fat in it already. If you're using curry with other food groups and want to include some oil, be mindful of the portion. Typically, 1 tbsp. oil is a serving.

Dishes with curry can be healthy! It's about balance. What are the food groups included in the plate for the meal? Is it a meal or a snack? Meals should include food groups that offer high dietary fibre e.g. vegetables like pumpkin, protein e.g. curry chicken and carbohydrates from staples such as potato.

Balance is key!

Ready to learn how to include the foods you love without it adding to your illness?

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