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The truth about Gestational Diabetes

When it comes to uncontrolled blood sugar levels, it's not something to be played with, but when it comes to pregnancy, you and your baby will be affected.

The choice is yours what you decide to do with your body, but I will share the choices below:

  1. Learn how to eat to achieve better blood sugars for you and your baby

  2. Take pills

  3. Take injections

The end result of continuous high blood sugars during pregnancy can be an enlarged baby and C-section surgery. Complications can occur because the body is not functioning effectively.

It's time for you to become empowered. This was not developed overnight and it will not disappear overnight. Start NOW. You health is your responsibility and will impact your baby's health and life.

You can eat your way to better health. A few changes you can start includes:

1) Including more dietary fibre in your life e.g. complex carbs such as sweet potato

2) reduce sugar intake from sugary beverages e.g. soft drinks

3) stop dieting and cutting our nutrients from your life


Book a consult. Click the image below:

Balance is key! Learn with me and let's achieve happiness and health!

Click below for the food containers:

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