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3 REASONS you're stuck with your chronic illness.

Being aware of these:

1) Your surroundings. Most likely you will become your company and eat the same, drink the same developing the same lifestyle issues.

2) Listening to wrong information and not being open to the truth. If the information you held before was true, you wouldn't be in the situation you are now with implementing the information.

3) Heavy ads promoting supplements

Lacking knowledge is the major issue. Weight can be drastically shifted because of your eating pattern. It's not about dieting or restricting. Most times, chronic illness is caused by lacking nutrients and balance.

Correcting the root underlying issue is the aim. Balance is key and overcoming health concerns slow and steady is possible!

Happiness and health is right around the corner!

I am here to help you to develop a healthy relationship with food! Why would you ever want to restrict and have an unhealthy relationship with food where you binge and do other harmful things to your body?

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