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3 REASONS you fear eating.

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Food is a vital part of life. Eating is a necessary part of it, but most persons fear food because of these 3 main reasons:

1) Society telling you the foods you like are bad and that if you eat it, you'll get fat.

2) Fear of gaining weight because of eating.

3) False advertising that says that only way to manage your health is to diet.

The truth is all these factors are fearful. You don't have to keep hurting your body. This can cause so much anxiety and emotional trauma.

Correcting the root underlying issue is the aim. Balance is key and overcoming health concerns slow and steady is possible!

I am here to help you to develop a healthy relationship with food! Why would you ever want to restrict and have an unhealthy relationship with food where you binge and do other harmful things to your body?

Happiness and health is right around the corner!

This is a lifestyle issue. You can overcome it with my guidance! Don't let something you can control get in the way of you living your life! Get the guidance you need.

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