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What does your metabolic age say about you?

Ideally, you want your metabolic age to be your actual age or less than your actual age. If your age was 35 years, you would want your metabolic age to be 35 years or younger.

Lifestyle changes can help you to reduce your metabolic age. Your body's aging is dependent on so many factors, but more importantly proper nutrition.

Body composition assessment can give you a breakdown of these values:

- Weight

- Metabolic age

- Body fat %


- Muscle %

- Hydration status

and other values.

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Correcting the root underlying issue is the aim. Balance is key and overcoming health concerns slow and steady is possible!

I am here to help you to develop a healthy relationship with food and achieve happiness and health with lifestyle changes.

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Happiness and health is right around the corner!

This is a lifestyle issue. You can overcome it with my guidance! Don't let something you can control get in the way of you living your life! Get the guidance you need.

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