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What does cutting out flour say about you?

My practice is focused on the concept of all foods fit!

It's never about cutting out food for weight loss. If you have allergies or organ failure that requires a strict diet, then that's about survival and is necessary. In terms of health and healthy weight loss or achieving wellness, cutting out flour is NOT necessary.

Two main misconceptions:

- flour makes you fat

- flour makes your blood sugars spike

The truth:

- flour is part of a healthy lifestyle and should be consumed with other food groups e.g. if we make roti and tomato choka.

- whole wheat or added flaxseed to flour can reduce blood sugar spikes when consumed.

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Correcting the root underlying issue is the aim. Balance is key and overcoming health concerns slow and steady is possible!

I am here to help you to develop a healthy relationship with food and achieve happiness and health with lifestyle changes.

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Happiness and health is right around the corner!

This is a lifestyle issue. You can overcome it with my guidance! Don't let something you can control get in the way of you living your life! Get the guidance you need.

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