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Unpopular Opinion: You don't need supplements.

Most of the time, we can get what we need from the food that we eat! It's all about eating to reach your goals. Supplements come from food.

The truth is that once we learn about food and what we need to eat to reach our goals, we can eat our way to wellness. Food is made of nutrients. Supplements may have side effects and can lead to other health concerns.

I haven't ever taken protein supplements before. Growing up, I was actually given quite a few e.g. fish oils, vitamin c, multi-vitamin because that was given to me. After learning about food and nutrients, I learnt how to eat so that I get what I need from food.

Balance is key! When you eat fruits for example, you'll get vitamin C. Once you lack a simple balance from your nutrition, you can become deficient.

The truth is, supplements can over-dose you with the nutrient that it has because they usually contain a higher percentage of the recommended intake. For example, if you supplement vitamin B, it may provide 150% of the recommended vitamin B intake for the day and you can also get vitamin B from your food. Overdosing your body can be harmful long term.

Right now, I don't supplement, but it's because I know how to balance. If I skip fruits, and certain food groups, I would eventually get deficient. Lifestyle changes work.

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