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True or False: Leg and foot amputations can be avoided if caused by Diabetes

It's very common for elevated blood sugars to affect blood flow and circulation of the leg, foot and toe.

Nerve damage is common when blood sugars are high and that causes loss of feeling in your feet. If there is a little cut or damage, it may not be felt which can lead to the cut getting infected and not being able to heal. The next step is a blue, black infected experience which the solution for is to remove so that it doesn't continue to affet the rest of the body.

It's time for you to become empowered.

You can eat your way to better health. A few changes you can start includes:

1) Including more dietary fibre in your life e.g. complex carbs such as sweet potato

2) reduce sugar intake from sugary beverages e.g. soft drinks

3) stop dieting and cutting our nutrients from your life


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Balance is key! Learn with me and let's achieve happiness and health!

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