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True or False: it's a choice to be overweight

Let's shed some light on the topic. I think that persons can be super mean and super not understanding towards persons who are overweight or excessively overweight.

Weight is broken down into may aspects of the body e.g. muscle, water, body fat. Most times it's really hard for women, girls, females to lose weight or maintain a healthy body weight. The main reason is because of the pressures of the external environment trying to make us into "figures" that are acceptable to the eye of the beholder.

For me, once you're happy and healthy, that's all that matters! Become the best version of yourself and develop a better body image with lifestyle changes! Don't touch the scale at all.

There are too many misinformation and misconceptions out there! It's not as simple as saying, "I'll just eat once per day," OR " I'll do a water diet." You're damaging your body further with these gimmicks! Only you know what you feel and to lost unhealthy body fat, it takes time.

It's definitely not as easy as it seems and without proper guidance, you can waste so much time, money and cause other health conditions e.g. acid reflux, diabetes etc.

Don't hurt yourself. This is ALL about behaviour change and learning how to eat for YOU and no one else. I'm here to guide you.

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