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Revealing the secrets of why I started to exercise and it's relation to weight.

The truth is we all want to believe the idea that if we exercise, we get results. It's a HUGE myth.

I have not exercised in years. Since COVID. I only engaged in routine movements with clients and nothing more. I maintained my body because of my eating habits!

Honestly I've just been inside for so long that I needed to go out and walking outdoors was enjoyable. I don't need to lose weight or work on my body composition and the truth is exercise is not going to give me any result. It's purely just to boost my mood and get me outdoors.

If you want to reach your weight goals, you are not only wasting your time and energy on pills and diets, gimmicks and supplements with exercise routines, you're creating a false idea that it's sustainable and will leave you happy and healthy.

If you want happiness and health, you can only achieve that by developing healthy habits and lifestyle changes that can work for YOU and only YOU!

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