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Kidney failure and it's relation to high blood pressure!

Kidney failure definitely can be correlated to prolonged high blood pressure. There are narrow blood vessels in the kidneys that get damaged and are weakened with high blood pressure.

Your blood pressure should be below 120/80 as cited below from the American Heart Association:

Check your blood pressure and ensure it's within healthy ranges. If you have it in your family, it's important to check it regularly. If it's in the pre-stages of high blood pressure, NOW is the time to act!

This is a lifestyle disease. It's created based on your eating situation. What are you putting into your body? On a daily, what you eat, drink and how you sleep can dictate how healthy you are.

This is a lifestyle diseases. You can overcome it with my guidance! Don't let something you can control get in the way of you living your life! Get the guidance you need.

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