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True or False that weight loss can come without exercise.

Absolutely TRUE! Have you ever experienced not getting results when exercising? Or noticed that persons "gym" daily and get no results?

Weight is something that is difficult to be satisfied with and maintain without proper knowledge. I actually don't exercise and my weight has been sustained for years. Why is this?

Are you happy with your current body composition?

The truth is you can eat thousands of calories and burn very little with exercise. What weight are you even losing?

If you want to lose body fat, you'll have to focus on creating a suitable lifestyle to meet your health goals. Balance is subjective and depends on your personal preferences. It can be developed with proper guidance.

Our main sources of energy are from carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Any macronutrient that is not balanced can lead to unhealthy weight gain for example, if protein is in excess, your body will store it as fat!

My clients rarely exercise. We engage in movements that count towards physical activity. It's not about doing what you hate to try to get a result that was told to you, it's about doing what you enjoy! Happiness and health goes hand in hand! A simple shift in calories and understanding better balance with proper nutrition will lead to weight loss WITHOUT exercise. I haven't exercised in a gym in Trinidad ever!

I can easily gain weight the way you do. I just understand my body and how I can eat to balance my life to maintain a body composition I want. It's really that simple. Join me!

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