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True or False that Carbohydrates are vital.

Foods classified as the carbohydrate group plays a very important role in our lives. We tend to neglect it because of the misinformation out there that is misguiding our choices to suit specific ideals.

At the base of any food group, there are the staples group i.e. carbohydrates. These are important for providing energy to the body. The brain cannot function without sugars.

I haven't ever neglected my staples e.g. sweet potato, rice, corn, noodles etc. What I do instead is create a better balance of food groups. To be honest, why would anyone think that we shouldn't eat certain foods.

Definitely, I think that it's important to avoid any foods that you react negatively to and under certain circumstance, persons have organ damage and complications where food groups will have to be further limited or controlled. Generally, without complications and for purposes of weight management, balance is key! ALL foods fit with lifestyle changes.

I wish that we would walk away from gimmicks and diets e.g. keto, as these are what causes us to develop an unhealthy relationship with food.

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