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True or False: Doubles is bad?

The truth is behind the consumption of doubles. Portion control is the key to balance. Doubles on an entity is not as balanced as you think because it is missing colours e.g. cucumber.

We used to have cucumber in our doubles but because of price changes and preferences, it slowly died down to just bara and channah.

Are you happy with the current balance? I'm not. If I had a say, I would ensure that they all had some cucumber in it. Cucumbers would actually help to keep you full and satisfied. Balance is very important and it prevents overeating!

The main issue is that the bara is deep fried in oil. Also, sometimes other ingredients like sugar is added. We tend to overconsume this because we stand in Trinidad and Tobago, eat one in a less than 5 minutes which is not enough to full us!

Slowly enjoying a doubles and adding cucumber or any greens to the mix is my suggestion to ensure that you add to your wellness with this one.

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