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Revealing the untold truth about body composition.

Most times, you may look a certain way, but your body composition is showing that your fat is higher than it should be.

I've done body composition for persons many times and they think they're "fit" or in shape and when they get the assessment done, they're surprised that their body fat isn't what they thought.

When you do fasting, diets and restrictions or anything that results in fast weight loss, it impacts your organ health negatively and cause multiple complications. One being, more body fat being gained. Just because it's not visible, doesn't mean it's not there.

My body composition assessment machine gives:

- Weight

- Metabolic Age (how is your body functioning right now? Ideal should be your age or younger)

- Hydration status

- Body fat%

- Muscle mass

- Different types of fat % (under the skin and around organs) and so much more!

What are you waiting for? See if your body composition is within "healthy" ranges. Are you doing right by your body?

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