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Revealing some easy breakfast ideas!

I would never recommend skipping meals. Anything that doesn't feel right shouldn't be done.

I really am in tune with my body and what I enjoy fully. The best breakfast ideas can be the ones that you like and those that are convenient to you:

1) Banana, oats mix with seeds, cranberries and low fat milk.

2) Smoothies: choose 1 fruit (1 cup berries), 1 vegetable (1 cup spinach leaves), Carbs e.g. oats and milk or yogurt

3) Sandwich e.g. whole wheat bread with egg white omelette stuffed with vegetables e.g. mushrooms, bell peppers, onion, tomatoes.

I usually have my treats that are oat based OR I enjoy the bowl above. It's so good! What do you have for breakfast?

The aim is really to not skip. Eat something.

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