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Misconceptions about gestational diabetes.

When you're creating life, it's the biggest responsibility in life! I really believe that. Women have the biggest roles in society. There are so many complications that can occur! Gestational Diabetes is just one of them.

The main issue is that this is a lifestyle diseases that is promoted as a "regular" complication that occurs for most women during pregnancy and the treatment is commonly pills.

Gestational diabetes can be overcome with proper nutrition! Sometimes it goes away after birth, sometimes it doesn't.

The truth is if you ate your way into it, you can eat your way out of it! Pills has side effects! Why choose to risk harming yourself further?

The issue with Gestational Diabetes when not regulated is a baby that is larger than 'normal' and sometimes it results in a C-section which is worse for the mother and the baby. Normal birth promotes good gut health for the baby.

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