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Misconceptions about exercising...

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Firstly, most persons think that if they decide to exercise, that's it! They think that they automatically become healthy because they are hitting the gym or getting a trainer.

The truth is that exercising is a very tiny piece of a very large puzzle when it comes to wellness. You need to correct your nutrition and make positive lifestyle changes before you get any results! Have you ever exercised and realised this?

Secondly, persons think that they may burn more calories if exercising on an empty stomach. How is starving and exercising a good thing? I don't understand. My performance is best when I have treats before. It's not about eating a full meal and exercising strenuously right after. Please understand, you have to nourish your body well to get the best out of your workout. Allow whatever you ate to settle for at least 30-45 minutes and ensure that you stretch before your workout. Keep it light and nutritious!

Lastly, you can lose weight without exercising. Balance is key! Learn with me and book your consult. Get to your health goals!

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