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Misconceptions about blood sugar spiking foods!

The truth is that there are complex carbohydrates and simple carbohydrates. Many snacks have simple carbohydrates e.g. white flour. What we're missing is that we can manage our carbohydrate load. This means that even though one carbohydrate might spike your blood faster than another, if your carbohydrate load is high, it can lead to the same effect.

Cassava and ground provision are classified as complex carbohydrates, but without balance, you can risk a higher carbohydrate load which impacts your blood sugars negatively. The main chronic disease that should focus on portions and carbohydrate load which is the amount of the carbohydrates at that specific time is Diabetics.

Too much carbohydrates at once can cause a sugar spike. This is why most times, it's confusing when thinking that you're ingesting good, complex carbohydrates, but your sugars elevate more than normal.

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