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Garlic is underestimated and these are 3 ways to include it in your life.

Fruits are a vital part of health. It's very important to include it in your daily life. Try these 3 tips:

1) If you love making chow, try adding grated garlic.

2) Include in herbal tea.

3 Cooking it into your meals.

Click below to get your chow recipe:

Garlic is such a great herb. It can be very strong and therefore you can adjust your serving size of garlic to suit your taste buds and personal preference.

When it comes to high blood pressure and cholesterol, consistent use of garlic in your daily routine can assist with management.

You can consume garlic raw or cooked. You don't have to supplement garlic, you can just consume it naturally which is best. Never swallow a garlic, this is not the best way to get the benefits from it.

Consuming garlic in excessive amounts can upset your stomach. One or two cloves daily is ideal.

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