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Does BMI and Ideal body weight matter?

Honestly, who cares?

I never really use BMI or Ideal Body weight. I was educated about it in school and told to use it with measuring suitable weight among persons, but over time and with my continuous learning, it's NOT suitable!

When you have muscles and your weight is more than it should be for your height, your BMI may be higher than usual. Is this a bad thing? NO, it's not bad, but sometimes it's misleading and persons who have a higher BMI may be confused and think that they are overweight!

The focus is on YOU with health. What weight are you most comfortable? This is what I use with my clients through my consultancy. Happiness and health doesn't come from a number on a scale. It comes from a feeling.

Your body will be optimal and it's best when reaching a body composition that impacts you positively. It is achievable.

Don't be fooled by BMI and Ideal body weight. It may be very misleading and has nothing to do with the ratio of body fat to muscle mass.

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