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5 FACTS you should know about KETO!

I actually never recommend it for any of my clients. It makes no sense to limit yourself and put your body under such restrictions to accomplish overall wellness. Healthy habits take time to develop and maintain. It's important to know what exactly you're risking when dieting and engaging in restrictive diets and gimmicks!

I honestly call gimmicks any form of dieting. Lifestyle changes work! You just have to learn how to make it work for you! This is where I come in.


- May lead to HIGH blood cholesterol in blood

- Long term, kidney stones can be right around the corner

- Nutritional deficiencies may also occur and be more common than you think

- Most persons develop an unhealthy relationship with food which leads to excessive overeating and weight gain after the diet

- A few symptoms of prolonged keto dieting can include fatigue, headache and an upset stomach

It's such a painful process to restrict yourself to that extent and only eat certain things listed on a sheet of paper. Keto created for epilepsy which is a nervous system disorder in which the brain activity becomes abnormal causing seizures.

FREEDOM is eating what you enjoy and reaching your health goals. Let's go! Lifestyle changes all the way! Happiness is right around the corner.

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