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3 REASONS why you should never diet!

First of all, dieting is a restriction. For purposes of my area of expertise with chronic diseases such as weight, diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol.

Lifestyle diseases can be overcome if you are willing to take steps towards them. It's like trying to accomplish any goal in life. Even with work, you need the skillset and knowledge to perform tasks. In order to achieve your health goals, you need the tools and knowledge to implement positive changes to your life.

There are other ways to achieve your health goals. Dieting and restrictions may only be necessary for allergies, organ failure or other health complications

Impacts of dieting:

1) Are you happy being restricted and limited? It makes you develop an unhealthy relationship with food. You begin to think that foods should not be enjoyed. You are being misguided.

2) Dieting and restrictions can lead to a lack of balance of macronutrients. It can cause other chronic diseases.

3) It can cause a yo-yo effect of weight gain and weight loss. It can force your body into starvation.

Choosing better leads to a better quality life! This means focus on better meals that are more fulling, more satisfying and leave you in a positive vibe.

Get the guidance you need.

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