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3 FACTS you should know about your METABOLIC AGE!

Ideally, you want your metabolic age to be your actual age or younger than your actual age. Usually, if it's older, your body is not functioning effectively.

Health is wealth. If you're 50 years old, your body should be functioning at 50 years or younger. If it's functioning at 60 years, then you're doing something wrong! Lifestyle changes can help to alleviate this health concern. % things that you should know:

1) If you are stressed temporarily, it may not do permanent damage. Any stress that is consistent is going to impact your health negatively and can increase your metabolic age.

2) You can reverse your metabolic age and become younger than your actual age. Have you noticed at people look younger than their actual age? This can be why. Lifestyle changes work!

3) Eating habits and exercise can impact your metabolic age.

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