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What's the best way to enjoy tea?

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Are you a tea lover? It's important to include your favourite tea on a daily if you enjoy tea!

There is some truth to the idea that tea consumption without milk will give the most benefits. I recommend having the tea the way you enjoy it because it would actually encourage you to drink tea!

Tea has so many benefits, especially because of the antioxidant properties. There is some conflicting evidence that milk may inhibit some of the benefits of tea.

Traditionally, we enjoy tea with milk and sugar. I would recommend replacing sugar with honey and if you enjoy tea, you can use low fat milk if you want to focus on reduced fat products or lactose free milk if you have a negative reaction to milk.

I drink my herbal tea without any added ingredients other than boiling water. It's so good. I have green tea leaves, chamomile flowers, rose buds and chai! It's the actual flowers and leaves which means it's rich and super powerful. It can also boost your immune system which is important during this time.

What's your favourite tea?

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Hi Didi, what kind of tea can you recommend for a pregnant woman with diabetes?

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