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True or False: You can overcome DIABETES

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Let's shed some light on the topic. Misinformation and misconceptions are so severe and highly over-rated.

It's so important to understand that any health concern that developed over time due to unhealthy habits can be overcome with healthy habits. Yes tit depends on the extent of damage and how diabetes was developed. Your body wants to heal itself, therefore if you understand food and how to nourish your body based on your background and preferences, you can achieve your goals.

There are different types of Diabetics e.g. Type 1 which is where your body can't produce insulin, type 2 which is where your body can't use the sugars in the blood effectively and gestational diabetes that occurs during pregnancy.

Balance is key! Not necessarily cutting out anything.

Learning how to eat for YOU and no one else. I'm here to guide you.

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2 kommentarer

Thank you for your help in the many diagnosis that many of us have and that you are educationally qualified for.


Thank you for your help with our diseases, especially diabetes. I plan to contact you soon. I am a diabetic.

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