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True or False: excess protein can lead to weight gain

When trying to build muscle mass, most recommendations from persons claiming to be "nutritionists" and have some knowledge about nutrition, because they read an article online, may recommend supplementing protein and eating more protein for muscle mass. This is mostly because they want to sell you a product you don't need to sell an illusion or fantasy that you have about your body goals.

Balance is key to success with health. Yes it's a great idea that just by including more meat or protein powder in your diet, you can gain muscle mass, but the truth is that excess protein can lead to body fat storage and unhealthy weight gain. Any macronutrient in excess will be stored as fat. There are also many complications of excess protein intake such as high blood cholesterol that can lead to heart disease.

You have to be careful when supplementing protein and consuming meat. The recommended protein intake is 0.8g per kg.

Most times, persons would add on the protein to their original lifestyle and try to exercise. This may not amount to any result. There is a specific balance that can help your body to function optimally. Your risk for health complications can be reduced when you choose plant based protein e.g. soy or tofu.

Balance is key! Learn what balance works for you. Book a consult.

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