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Tricks to overcome cravings!

Recently, I've been fasting for Lent from all my favourite foods. No meats, chocolate, cake, ice cream etc.

When you restrict, your cravings become uncontrollable. This is because of the lack of balance when it comes to including nutrient dense snacks and meals.

I experienced massive uncontrollable cravings because of the lack of balance with my vegetarian meals. Cravings were satisfied with my homemade mixed nut granola bar and peanut butter granola bar. I also had to increase my protein with lunch. What I did was ensure that I had my lentil patty with my lunch. It was so delicious and fulling!

This did the trick because for me I corrected the root underlying issues that were causing my cravings.

I'm here to guide you through lifestyle changes that you can do! It's all about ensuring that you learn about your body! You are uniquely you! No advice will be suitable for everyone!

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