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Should you use an air fryer?

I would recommend using an air fryer on lazy days. It's super convenient to use! No added oils. In this way, you can reduce the extra calories from oil. The main issue with deep drying is the excess oil that comes into play. It leads to high calorie intake that your body doesn't need and would store it as fat.

It's honestly fast and easy to use! Just throw everything in. Ensure that you keep it colourful!

Some easy meals:

1) Slice up washed potatoes into wedges with chunks of seasoned chicken breasts and washed, slices broccoli!

2) Eggplant pizza

3) Chunky vegetable kebab with beef and corn

4) Pizza

If you were to ask me about it, I would definitely recommend using the air fryer for meals than having deep fried foods. Protect yourself from some of the harmful effects of frying with oil.

What's your favourite air frying meal?

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