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Secrets of pepper sauce!

Pepper sauce is awesome! If you enjoy hot sauce, this is definitely one that can add to your wellness!

A healthy plate is a happy one.

I actually eat pepper sauce as a staple on my plate! I kid you NOT. Maybe I enjoyed it more with time and with our culture, we have it often with the chows that we make e.g. pineapple chow which is seasoned pineapple with pepper sauce.

Always work to suit your body. There is a limit with everything for you. What is yours?

The truth is it has so many benefits such as increasing your metabolism, adding to antioxidants in your body and helping to control appetite sometimes. If you have a negative reaction to peppers and pepper sauce, don't have it.

I use my homemade pepper sauce only! No chemicals or preservatives. I control what's in it to ensure the highest quality for my customers. Only pepper, lime and vinegar. It has sodium also for flavour.

Do you enjoy it?

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