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Revealing the silent killers...

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

Many times, we come across sayings, "happened all of a sudden." This comes about when you neglect your body's health long term and not have regular check ups to ensure that the common chronic diseases are managed.

Symptoms are rarely felt when it comes to chronic diseases. Most times, it's with a check up that we realise sugar elevation, pressure and or cholesterol is elevated beyond the recommendation for a "healthy range."

The main silent killers are those that I specialise in:

- Weight

- Diabetes

- High blood pressure

- High blood cholesterol

Common outcomes are heart disease, kidney failure, stroke. Don't stand by and allow these lifestyle diseases to shorten your future.

Book a consult! I'm here both at Rampersad Medical Freeport and Bonne Aventure Gasparillo. In person as well as virtual consultations are available to help you to achieve happiness and health!

All of these silent killers are created by unhealthy eating habits. You can overcome it because you weren't born with it! Eat your way to better health!

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