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Reduce your medical expenses with these 3 simple tips.

This is specific to lifestyle diseases such as weight, diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol. Anything that you can overcome by developing healthy habits and making positive lifestyle changes should not be a burden to your expenses.

Right now it's tough. Try these 3 tips:

1) Understand that pills, injections and short term solutions are just that. It's just about treating a symptom. You can eat your way out of lifestyle diseases.

2) It's about understanding what to eat, how much, how often, when and focusing on every aspect of your day. Choose something that works for you! Longterm sustainable results should always be the aim. Not only should you be empowered and educated, but you should understand how to overcome your lifestyle disease and feel good! Anything that leads to other health issues isn't recommended. Learn about balance.

3) Include healthy habits such as increasing water intake and working on a more colourful plate. Practice snacking more often so that you can give your body a boost. Try new recipes!

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