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Misconceptions about flour!

Cutting out flour is a wrong move when it comes to weight management.

Flour is NOT the issue, the balance of your plate is!

Many times, persons think that cutting out flour would result in weight loss. The truth is that if you reduce your portion because of the lack of flour, you'll be replacing it with something else. This may result in weight changes.

What weight are you even losing? Is it fat or muscle?

We can all eat flour if we're not allergic to it or have negative reactions to flour. If you're concerned with the nutrients, you can add a different mix to your roti or stick to whole wheat, multigrain, higher dietary fibre options!

The risks of cutting out flour:

- You'll develop an unhealthy relationship with flour products

- The unnecessary restriction can cause depression and an increased moody behaviour

- You can crash often and be fatigued and hangry

Click below for a healthy roti recipe:

Ready to learn how to include flour in your life? Book a consult and become empowered.

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