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Is avocado a fat? How can it be healthy?


A healthy plate is a happy one.

Avocado is a fat and it's a healthy fat! YES fat can be healthy! There are different types. BUT please understand this seriously misunderstood concept that there is something like too much avocado and it can be stored as fat!

Any macronutrient e.g. carbohydrates, protein and fats in excess of your recommended intake based on your body specific needs, will be stored as fat! Please understand that yes, there is a limit for everything and you can learn how to portion correctly to suit yourself!

Avocado has HIGH dietary fibre, is also high in potassium and fat. It has medium saturated fat. The aim is to include avocado but not have a bucket when in season. My recommended is just 1/8 slice and I'm small.

You can enjoy avocado with meals not as a meal. lol.

Do you like avocado? Comment down below if this information benefited you.

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