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If you're struggling with constipation, try these 2 simple steps.

Honestly you have to correct the root underlying issues when it comes to any health concern.

Constipation is where you have uncomfortable and less frequent bowel movement which is hard and dry.

These are two ways to reduce the constipation risk and help to relieve it:

1) Increase water intake- Hydration is an essential part of life. If you don't drink enough water daily, you can risk having dry stools. If you drink more water, you'll get a stool that would be softer and can pass more smoothly.

2) Including dates- High in dietary fibre, date based snacks would be ideal to help the stool pass better! I've gotten feedback that my snacks have added to softer stools and better bowel movements. The more fibre, the better. It's also super nutritious and delicious.

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